Processing Potatoes Our processing potatoes are stored in state of the art facilities with computer controlled humidity, temperatures, refrigeration and CO2. The refrigeration allows us to store potatoes through to the end of the month of August and still maintain colour if the customer requires it. We offer Russet Burbank, Norkotah, Goldrush, Shepody, Blues, Reds, Yellows, and Round Whites while other varieties are usually available if required. Washed, dry, bagged or bulk, we can supply the potatoes any way you want them, 5's, 10's, 50's, paper, u-sac or plastic. We have Round Whites, Russets, Yellows, Reds, Blues, and also organic potatoes available.
Chipstock Potatoes For chipping varieties we offer Snowdens, Novachip, Pikes and NY102's out of storage. On top of these varieties we also have Atlantics and Andovers out of the field. Our warm days and cool nights allow us to have above average specific gravities. Our climate and growing conditions also allow us to store our potatoes until the end of May. New Brunswick potatoes are of excellent quality for the chipping industry. (We also have chipping potatoes available from other areas.)
Our storages are state of the art with all the latest technology available. They have controlled temperature, humidity, CO2 and some storages have refrigeration. These buildings are insulated with the highest r-value to maintain the best colour possible. The fans are equipped with frequency drives which maintain a constant temperature throughout the pile.
For a dark Russet chip we offer Russet Norkotah, Goldrush, Russet Burbank and a number of others you might prefer. For the novelty chips we carry a line of all blue flesh, all red flesh and all yellow flesh potatoes.
Organic potatoes are becoming more popular each year so we have them available also. (They might need to be contracted ahead of time.) Table Stock Washed, dry, bagged or bulk, we can supply the potatoes any way you want them, 5's, 10's, 50's, paper, u-sac or plastic. We have round whites, Russets, yellows, reds, blues, and also organic potatoes are available. Seed Potatoes Carleton County Spud Distributors has the availability of almost any varitey of seed potatoes that you may be looking for. We have all classes and sizes. The seed is stored in a temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere. This is controlled by computer. Here are just a few of the varieties available:
• AC Chaleur
• AC Glacier Chip
• AC Nova Chip
• All Blue
• Andover
• Atlantic
• Cal White
• Cherokee
• Chieftain
• Coastal Russet
• Dakota Pearl
• Frontier Russet
• Goldrush • Green Mountain • Hilile Russet
• Katahdin
• Kennebec
• Krantz
• Niska
• Nordonna
• Dark Red Norland
• Norland
• Norvalley
• Onnway
• Penta
• Ranger Russet
• Reba
• Read la Soda • Red Pontiac
• Rocket
• Russet Burbank
• Russet Norkotah
• Sangre
• Sebago
• Shepody
• Sierra
• Snowden
• Superior
• Umatilla
• Russet
• Yukon Gold