Albright Farms Ltd. has developed from a single owner farm owned by Lorne Albright in the 1940's. It later became a partnership with Lorne's sons, Wayne and Robert. The farm continued to grow and expand and in 1986 became a corporation owned and operated by Lorne, Wayne and Robert. Wayne's sons Ryan and Matthew farmed part time as students and after they finished their formal education began to farm full time. This makes Albright Farms Ltd. a third generation family farm. Carleton County Spud Distributors Ltd. was formed and incorporated in May of 2004 to meet the growing demands of potato distribution. We are a brokerage company dealing with a wide variety of potato growers. Ryan and Matthew Albright are the owners of this company. Carleton County Spud Distributors buys potatoes from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario, Maine and other areas to meet buyer/consumer needs.